Stop the cycle of Stress and Anxiety that is keeping you stuck -

you can have what you desire and I’m here to help you make it happen.

Remember when you had this incredible vision and mission for your business?

But you know how the story goes…

  • You’re overwhelmed and STILL grinding yet you’re not gaining momentum and making the money you thought you would by now

  • Long days turn into endless weeks and months. It feels like you can never really shut it off. Time to quit and get a real job? (um….hell no!)

  • You’ve sorta become your own worst enemy - criticizing yourself for not getting enough done.

  • It feels like your stuck in the same place…again.


What if I told you I know the real reason why all this is going on for you?


That is has nothing to do with what you know or what you’re capable of – because you’re crazy smart and are made to accomplish huge things, just like you always have. 

Instead this ‘stuckness’ has to do with the way we humans are built - emotion will always win over logic.


It’s exactly why I developed the Fire and Flow Program.

  • You’ll feel solidly connected to your business (bye bye all that inner chatter)

  • You’ll bring your business to the next level, i.e. make more money, while stressing less

  • You feel the joy of being the CEO of your business and the peace of being in alignment with Divine Intelligence

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My proven approach is different than any thing you’ve tried before.


Science: I use the leading, cutting edge technique of EFT Tapping to bring you awareness to your blind spots, the secret underlying motivators that are based on subconscious fears and limiting beliefs.

Spirituality: I’m talking energy - the way you are vibrating right now. How your thoughts – those subconscious ones too, your feelings and emotions show your connection, or lack of, to your Higher Self and to everyone and thing around you.

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The deeper I got into my work with Jackie, the more solidified the vision for my business became, and for my personal life. Working with Jackie helped me discover why I was finding it so difficult to implement ideas from programs like Marie Forelo’s B School and Pamela Bruner’s Biz Club.  And to see the barriers I was allowing in my personal life. Once I started releasing fear and false beliefs and operating from my heart, I adjusted my messaging to reflect my new approach.  My idea clients were resonating with me for the first time and things in my business took off from there. Jackie’s work is transformational!
— Tara Davis, Founder, The Relationship Playbook for Marriage

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I’ve been you. And I know what you can accomplish when you heal what is holding you back, have a proven, scientific approach to do just that and the right woman to help you see your greatness.

You deserve EVERY bit of what you’re capable of achieving and I want to help you every step of the way.

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