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Jackie helped me release the internal resistance I was having to having new hire on my team.
We cleared many emotions which where holding me back including overwhelm and frustration. Jackie also help identify a connection to a past event which was related to my current frustrations. If you are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and need to shift energy in you to get your business moving forward Jackie will help.
— Patricia Lohan, Feng Shui Expert, Author of the Happy Home
I came to Jackie overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed in my business. I had feelings of self-doubt and of course, imposter syndrome. Jackie was relatable, incredibly smart, yet humble. She walked me though many of the fears I was feeling and gave me actionable tools that I could begin using daily when I was feeling stressed and anxious. I did not know anything about tapping but was fascinated to try something new that was backed by science. I can officially say I am blown away and am so grateful to have been introduced to this practice by Jackie. I now feel like I am able to get ahold of my emotions and control my intrusive thoughts! Thank you so much Jackie! I owe you big time!
— Lizzie LaCour, Founder, Kinship Content
After my session with Jackie, I felt so much safer in my body. Really sitting with and acknowledge the emotions I was experiencing as opposed to pushing them away was completely transformative. This was the exact shift I needed to move past the blocks that were holding me back from taking my business to the next level and from showing up fully for my community as the leader I now know myself to be.

I love how Jackie really took the time to listen and familiarize herself with where it was I needed support most, how she validated what I had been feeling and experiencing and how she tailored our tapping session to meet me exactly where I was and with what I needed to move forward with the healing process. I felt like I had someone who completely saw me, understood me and who was, without a doubt, in my corner!
— Lisa Rosado, Founder, We Are Women Owned
When I sat down for our session I was hesitant to speak about my worries. I thought by talking about them, it would give them more power. But actually the opposite happened. Jackie was very quickly and effectively able to pinpoint the triggers that were holding me back from my own success. It really helped me unstick from my “stuck”!
— Jessica Marvin, Founder, The Human Office
Before we talked I thought hard about what I could work on and what I came up with was just feeling a little bit of insecurity was still lingering. Jackie asked me a lot of questions, even though I was thinking there wasn’t really much to uncover. Well, she kept asking and peeled back the layers and challenged and encouraged me to find the root of what I was feeling. I was so surprised and impressed.

I couldn’t believe how relaxed and grounded I felt after working with her.

Even if you are used to tapping, working with someone to guide you can be priceless. And if you are new to it, I highly recommend getting started with Jackie! She is vey talented and intuitive.
— Caterina De Falco, Dual Business Owner
Jackie helped me quickly and efficiently move through things in my personal life that were distracting me from moving forward with a pivot in my business.  She helped realize my value and worth and to not proceed for anything less.  We removed the blocks through tapping and I’ve been flying since. I’m so grateful for Jackie’s heart, work and expertise.
— Rosalia Chann, Celebrity Trainer and Coach
I felt a major release after our first session. It’s incredible how Jackie is able to take the charge out of extremely negative emotions.
— Liz Wesley, Product Manager
Jackie has opened new doors of discovery for me, to understand my feelings and work through them in ways I never have been able to do before.
— Vanessa Lucas, International Artist
We’ve tapped on a variety of issues including anxiety and self-esteem. Our sessions worked well to create immediate positive emotional change but also provide tools to continue solo work.
— Natalie MacLeod-Hope, Founder, thatafropaleochick
I’m still blown away by not only how quickly and deeply working with Jackie affected me, but also by how insightful and gifted she was at gently but effectively getting right down to the root of an issue that has kept me frozen for most of my life.
— Victoria Cave, Performing Artist