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Want immediate relief? Curious about tapping?

Book a 30 minute laser session.

(first time clients only)


Everything flows from the core. Know yourself like you never have before so you can feel different in your own skin, at last. This program helps to minimize your reaction to stress, anxiety and low self esteem by working to re-wire your subconscious programming and belief systems. You CAN move forward and it starts at your core.

(4, 1:1 sessions - tapping library access - 45 days)


The Fire & Flow Program is a three month systematic approach for entrepreneurs who feel stuck in perfectionism, riddle with self doubt aren’t having success, even after trying so many training programs. We work together to create YOUR internal transformation, while I provide accountability and strategy support for long lasting sustainable success.

(9, 1:1 sessions - 4 strategy calls - tapping library access - 90 days)