Hi I’m Jackie

My purpose is to help people, just like you, transform on the inside so they can finally have the life and business they’ve envisioned.

Emotional and Mindset

I was introduced to EFT Tapping and in 10 minutes my entire life changed. A core story that I was operating from vanished - I simply couldn’t access it anymore and was free from it’s emotional weight. From there I was hooked. I’m a certified EFT practitioner with EFT International.


I help you strengthen your connection with your Higher Self through your emotional and vibrational set point based on the laws of attraction/abundance.

Business Strategy and Accountability

Once upon a time, working for someone else, I helped raise of $2 billion in capital and sold over $1 million in services. My business skills and experience allow me to be the badass strategy consultant and accountability boss you’ve always wanted in your corner.



I’m a recovering financial powerhouse, certified emotional freedom technique practitioner and teacher of spiritual principles.

I’m a lover of urban life - decaf espresso, museums, mani’s and boutique fitness - but you can just as easily find me backpack on, traveling through a third world country or hiking in the woods. 

And above all I love being Teta, aunt in Slovak, to my three nieces.

Book Your Complimentary

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Inspiring Flow at…. 

Workshop Presenter at The Financial Gym “Find Your Mo’ Flow, Releasing Money Mindset Blocks”

Opening Speaker at Tru Haus Be Well Event

Keynote Speaker at Enthuse Foundation “Self Care for Entrepreneurs”

Panelist and Workshop Presenter at Women Owned Sisterhood “EFT for Entrepreneurs”

Speaker at Personal Development Nerds “EFT for Personal Development”

Speaker at Spring Energy Event “The Possibility of Abundance: Releasing Fear While Growing Your Business”

Speaker at Innerglow “Benefits of Tapping”

Workshop Facilitator at Exubrancy “Releasing Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace”

Presenter at The Spring “Finding Acceptance Through EFT”

Presenter at Dynamic Sports Physical Therapy “Tapping into the Mind Body Connection”

Podcast guest Tapping Q and A

Podcast guest Empowered Spirit

Podcast guest The HOL Truth

If you would like to collaborate, email jackie@jackiesimek.com.